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'Into the Wild' bus removed from Alaska trail

World News from Reuters
World News from Reuters
The story of adventurer Christopher McCandless has inspired people to find themselves in the wilderness for more than two decades. But the wrecked bus made famous by the 1996 book and 2007 movie "Into the Wild-- based in his life, was airlifted from a remote trail outside Denali National Park in Alaska on Thursday (June 18). Alaska officials said that too many people were putting themselves at risk trekking to the remote site where McCandless died of starvation in 1992. Over the years, several people making pilgrimages to the bus became injured or stranded themselves. Two even died -- drowned in river crossings. In April a stranded Brazilian tourist was evacuated, and in February five Italian tourists were rescued. Local mayor Clay Walker called the bus removal "a big relief." The ultimate fate of the 1940s-era bus is unknown. In a statement, The Department of Natural Resources said it is being kept in a "secure location" pending a decision about its disposal.
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