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Thanks to its flax fiber cabin and the solar energy used to charge its batteries, ECOTRAIN is the public transport with the lowest carbon emissions on the planet. By reusing the railways, ECOTRAIN brings rural areas back to life. With 20 trips a day, stops on demand in all stations, it redraws the map of the territory, puts back the honor of alternative mobility to "all cars" and revitalizes the cities and towns served. In addition to passenger transport, a “Micro-freight” version of the ECOTRAIN, intended to promote short circuits, will be deployed on the same lines, promoting the revival of local shops and better enhancement of local agricultural production. Using a consortium of French industrial benchmarks to build it, it gives engineers and technicians in the railway world the place they deserve: spearheading citizen innovation, respectful of the environment and public finances. Associating public contracting authority and free license, ECOTRAIN can be deployed in France and produced in many other countries, the fight against global warming does not stop at our borders! Thanks to the expertise of industrial partners of ECOTRAIN, the first tests of the prototype will be carried out in 2022 in regions wishing to experiment with a pilot line. Commercial production will be available from 2024 depending on the country
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