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KTT Legacy GSI exclusive Andrew Eborn talks to RJ Gibb re donation to DRUMATHON AUCTION

Octopus TV
Octopus TV

In a sensational relay over a week in May, a non-stop roll call of world-class drummers celebrates our NHS’s heroes. This unique rock-down, lock-down rock'n'roll tour showcases 20 world class drummers and 3 legendary percussionists and who together have beaten drums in the UK non-stop for more than 250 hours.
Live stream:
Following Thursday May 7th's Big Clap for the NHS at 9pm Errol Kennedy began the Drumathon 2020 relay . Drumming non-stop for twelve hour sessions, Errol's passed the virtual sticks onto an extraordinary team of drummers including Vincenzo Infusino, Jack Heslewood, Vince Dunn, Jose Joyette, Terl Bryant, Meg Learmonth, Tim Reynolds, Mairi Newberry, Mel Gaynor, Loz Colbert, Alexis Nunez, Ali Brown, Paul Stewart, Jon Harris, Noam Lederman, Tom Hooper, Jon Howells, Gary O'Toole and the amazing Foxx Family percussionists Romi, Kami and Pav play out Drumathon 2020. Following tonights final NHS Clap the complete story will be re-streamed from tomorrow at 9am with many additional highlights featured on YouTube. Don't miss out on ordering the one and only lockdown rock'n'roll tour T shirt and watch out for some amazing items in our Drumathon auction.
This has been epic .
Each drummer participating pushes themselves to the limit drumming continuously for 12-hour sessions mirroring our NHS's 12-hour shifts. Live-streamed from lockdown studios, our drummers play in 90 minutes repeating cycles - the equivalent of playing eight tour shows back to back.
The Foxx Family percussionists Rumi, Kami and Pav after-show party celebrate our amazing drummers and incredible NHS bringing Drumathon 2020 to a fiesta finale.
A wide range of musical styles, ages, gender, roots, and songs affirms a breadth of musical interest for the viewers, while our live stream ensures real-time evidence until the last drummer is left standing.
Donate to #DrumForNHS through with all monies going directly to the frontline.

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Andrew Eborn is the founder of Canned Laughter -It's OK
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well as Octopus TV's Head to Toe of Health with the
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“Andrew Eborn is the Joe Wicks of The Mind and Mental
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