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2 years ago

Stay Tuned with Preet | Cyber Space with John Carlin (ft. John Demers)

Radio Program
Radio Program
Stay Tuned with Preet | Cyber Space with John Carlin (ft. John Demers)
“Cyber Space” is a new forthcoming podcast for members of CAFE Insider, where host John Carlin, former head of the Justice Department’s National Security Division, will engage leaders from the government and the private sector to explore and make sense of issues at the intersection of cyber, law, and policy. In this special episode, Carlin speaks with his successor at the Justice Department, Assistant Attorney General John Demers. The conversation covers a wide range of issues, including:

The civil unrest sweeping the nation and the DOJ’s approach to domestic terrorism and the possibility of foreign involvement in inciting violence during the protests.

The provisions that led the DOJ to pull its support for legislation to authorize FISA authorities and the reforms undertaken after Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s reports.

The debate over encryption technology and the consequences of law enforcement’s inability to access communications between terrorism suspects.

The prosecutions targeting China’s cyber espionage and the rationale behind indicting state actors who are unlikely to ever show in court.