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Transformers Malayalam Shortfilm | Romantic Drama | Malayalam romantic Shortfilm | Vikil Venu

Goodwill Entertainments
Goodwill Entertainments
Transformers revolves around the relationship of a transwoman Rachel and a young man Varun. Film parallelly glimpses of a contemporary love story of Aleena(Rachel's colleague) and Regon. Varun possesses an unusual condition of hypersexuality. When Rachel comes to know about his condition whilst having their private moments, the film takes an exotic transformation.

Written & Directed : Vikil Venu
Producers : Srirag, Gouthika Vimal
Co-Producer : Nivedith
Director Of Photography : Nismal Noushad
Editor : Rohit VS
Original Score : Mohammed Ali
Sound Design : KC Sidharthan
Art Directors : Milan VS, Shinoj Asokan
Creative Contributor : Sreekanth P
Chief Associate Director : Godwin Annie Jaison
Assistant Director : Vishnu Mukundan
Make Up : Shiju Feroke
Lyrics : Vikil Venu
Choreo Grooves : Sumesh, Jishnu
Production Controller : Jaswin Jose
D.I Colorist : Remesh CP (Lal Media)
Stills : Febint Thomas
Title : Sumesh Krishna
Posters : Sanal PK
Subtitle : Shyam Narayanan TK
Singer : Alan Sherdin
Rachel : Ain Honey Aarohi
Varun : Nivedith
Regon : Ashik Aboobakker
Aleena : Arya Padmakumar
Subeesh : Vishnu Mukundan
Adv. Anoop : Dhananjayan Gosh
Mummy : Soniya Giri
Pappa : Jenu Perinchery
Nirmal : Raju Ittamvetil
Jyothi : Sankeerthana


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