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Amazing Red Melon & Blue Diamond Discus || Red Melon Discus fish

Supriyo Kundu
The Blue Diamond Discus has been specifically reared for its splendid blue hue. It's distinctive element is the little white markings on it's body. Contingent upon sub-species, the normal scope of the Discus reaches out from the Amazon to the Rio Negro Regions of South America.

The Red Melon Discus is one of the numerous strains of plate that through hereditary transformation have created a reproducable shading variety of the Discus fish. This reproducing work was performed by raisers who through the span of decades had the option to specifically breed the plate to accomplish what we presently call the Red Melon Discus, Melon Red Discus or Super Red Melon Discus, which highlights a strong rosy orange body and either a ruddy orange face or a light yellow face.
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