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2 years ago

Instant Cosmetic Dental Veneers Review - One Visit Smile Makeover from Smile in Hour India

She had came from New Jersey, USA and traveled to India to visit heritage city Ahmedabad in search for a better life with a brighter smile and she chose Smile in Hour Dental to transform her smile with a whole new set of teeth created in one day! This Full Mouth Restoration was completed with a unique process in cosmetic digital dentistry that gives our patients amazing smile and experience.

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Smile in Hour Dentist provides the latest in cosmetic dentistry by utilizing the latest technology, training, and techniques to deliver beautiful and natural looking smiles with just a single visit. Cometic crowns and porcelain veneers were used in this unique procedure to take a worn bite and restore it to a natural and healthy smile.

After only one short trip to Smile in Hour Dental clinic in Heritage city Ahmedabad, She goes back to her normal life with ability to express her joy more openly and freely with her family and friends. This smile makeover was life changing for this awesome girl!

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Do you have a special event, a wedding or some other reason that requires an immediate Gorgeous Beautiful Smile?

So, if you’re looking for more success at the workplace, in the event, or in the social gathering, consider the benefits of a smile makeover. Smile in Hours' smile makeover experts many services that take your smile from Gloomy to Glorious!

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