Working With A Large Team For Your Event Campaign | User Management Feature | Yapsody

  • 4 years ago
When you assign roles to each of your team members, even a ten-member team can function as an army of 300. This is because you’re passing ownership and a specialty driven role to your team members.

On our event ticketing system, you can assign roles based on their expertise such as:

Marketing Managers
SEO Specialists
Box Office Management
Sales Rep
Event Presenters
On-Ground Staff
Accountants & Cashiers
Assigning them specialty driven roles they are good at ensures the integrity and success of your event campaign.

With this feature, you can also protect sensitive data by providing access only to the information a particular team member will need. Only the account owner can add users to your Yapsody account and assign them different permission so that some can manage the box office ticketing, while some scanning and some others can manage the reporting.

It’s a no brainer that limiting your team member’s navigation on the system guarantees a focused approach to get things done faster, hence, creating a smoother workflow for your event success.