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Agar App Real Estate Broker hain to ye Video apko miss nahi karna chahiye

Pravinkumar Pawar
Today a news came and the brokers were sleepless, how long will we keep ourselves alive on the commotion of others, when we will be able to protect ourselves,

This news was from the builder, he announced to give 1 percent on the reference, it is clear that today brokers are not working, but they have to sell their project, why will they wait for you brokers,

And what is the need for them to be dependent on someone, we are brokers dependent, we do not have any existence of our own or do not know, just invest the money in portals around the world, and we have competed in return and they gave us money Since, now is the time to do something that will give all of us a permanent income and we can protect ourselves,

Brokers are very much in our country, but there is a shortage to come together, to work together, for how long we will dance on the fingers, now please awaken the enthusiasm inside you, you all tell me, are we millions Brokers who are constantly working in a vast country like India, can we not make our online portal, we can make it at all, but it cannot be from one person, it is necessary for everyone to come together, and After 6 months, the scene will be very relaxed.

So, raise your hand in the right direction, see again the strength of the strength of our unity, history is a witness until you show unity, you will not be able to do anything, hey, anyone on the road stumbles or picks up whatever they want. Gives, but someone has the strength to stumble or throw a rock,

So all we need is to become strong with the rock, then see miracles, I have no objection to writing more, but you will get tired of reading,

Click on the photos given in this blog and watch the video and if agreed, spread across the entire broker community of the country, so that we can all be able to awaken all of us.

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