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Bitcoin Live Trade | Tutorial 3 | How to make Profitable Trade in Crypto With 1 Hour Candles |

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Friends in this video Tutorial i show you my live trade to learn how to trade in bitcoin and how to close your trade in profit.

Note: You can close your trade with 30% Profit easily to get profit Bitseven only charge 3 to 4% fees when you use 10X Leverage in your trades 30-4 = 26% in every trade. don't be greedy close your trades with small profit.

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How i make this profitable trade

1:) I Use 10X Leverage in my trade
2:) I Use 1 Hour Time Zone to trade ( 1 Hour Candles )
3:) I Use Heikin Ashi Candles to know current running trend
4:) I Close this trade with only 30% Profit to get 26% Real Profit

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