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I love these crackheads so much! This song was definitely one of their “brightest” more playful concept and they do it so well honestly, the melody gets so easily stuck in your head and you can’t help but bop along to it. The retro concept is so fitting with the sitcom editing etc. The whole MV felt like watching a comedy bit and the acting was quite good actually hahah For once I can say I understand the story line and I loved Suhyun’s cameo here because this felt really like “YG family” for a while there. The dance is cute and sweet and fits the concept very well! I love to see their goofiness, their playfulness here .It’s so easy to get attached to them because they feel so authentically themselves! Loved this track and I can’t wait to see what their comeback will be like. I’m predicting something more dark to balance things out with this pre-release. What do you think?

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WINNER #위너 #Remember


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