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The Cubs Killed Me Part 4: Funeral Luncheon Review At Joe Maddon's Restaurant

Barstool Chicago
Barstool Chicago
Part 4 of my journey this weekend takes me to Maddon’s Post, Joe Maddon’s new restaraunt located just steps from the Wrigley Field bleachers. I figured it was Maddon’s last home game and since I’m already dead I might as well enjoy the funeral luncheon at his spot. And spoiler alert it was very, very fucking good. Kind of awkward since everyone thinks he’s done with the Cubs (including me) but at the end of the day a good potatoe pancake is a good potatoe pancake.


The Cubs got fucking smoked this weekend and most of last week. 6 straight home losses. 97.8% chance they miss the playoffs. First time in 104 years they lost 5 straight games by 1 run and of course the first time they had a really good team when that happened. All the people who are Just Happy we won a championship and Are So Blessed and all that nonsense can jump in Lake Michigan.

I’ll be with the diehards over here thumbing through the smoked brisket rigatoni in the thunderstorm. Bring your rain jackets.

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