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China blames the United States (and Italy) for the Chinese virus, the typical communist playbook

As China sees a decrease in the number of reported cases and deaths, they now feel like it is the time to point the finger at other countries for the outbreak that they, and they alone, caused.

In this video I talk about recent word out of China where some communists there are trying to point the finger at the United States as the cause of the outbreak, I also heard someone saying that they were trying to blame Italy as well but I didn't look into those claims or talk about it in the video so I can speak to the authenticity of that claim.

What we know is that the Chinese caused the Chinese outbreak, that the Wuhan Flu can be traced to the Wuhan region and that anyone with half a brain would not buy the story.

I see it more as a governmental power play though, something to try to appease the people within their own country that are looking for someone to blame, if enough people rise up against their repressive communist regime then it ends, however, if the CCP can focus the anger of it's citizens on another country, in this case, the United States, then it's citizens will fall in line and continue to lap up the narrative.

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