Legal Gold for Coaches: How to Sell and Deliver Coaching, Training and Consulting Services to
  • 4 years ago
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LEGAL GOLD - are you ready to mine in a new market? Are you: An expert in your field? A personal, business, executive coach? A consultant? A trainer or other learning and development expert? A former attorney, lawyer, barrister or solicitor looking for a new business direction? A Human Resources professional in the legal environment? A law student or trainee? Worried about your financial health, and looking to improve your income? Then this book is for you, you will learn: The Attraction of Law and why now is a good time to promote your solutions to the legal profession, how you can attract legal clients to you in droves, how to make HR professionals and lawyers breathe a sigh of relief when you approach them with your product or service or when they receive your information in their mail, how to build a long lasting professional coaching, consulting or training business.