Virginia Family Law for Non-Lawyers: An Attorney's Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About

  • 4 years ago
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Are you a non-lawyer in Virginia who is facing a separation, divorce, custody or support issue, or an attorney or family counselor who wants to be more efficient or effective in counseling your clients? If so, then this book is written for you. Understand the basic process and procedure of contested and uncontested divorces in Virginia. Grasp the difference between "fault-based" and "no-fault" divorces.Discover the basis for establishing or amending a custody, visitation or support order.Recognize how child and spousal support are calculated.Know how property is divided in divorce. Reduce or eliminate the fear and anxiety felt when facing separation, divorce, custody or support matters. Gain confidence by understanding the nuts and bolts of the most common family law situations in Virginia. Help your attorney to help you set achievable goals and make better plans and choices. Ultimately, save yourself time, money and heartache.