3 years ago

Swordfish Attacks Scuba Divers In Southern Thailand

This is the terrifying moment an aggressive swordfish snagged on a fishing line tried to attack scuba divers. The tourists were diving off the coast of Chumphon, southern Thailand on Friday 13 December when the encountered the angry fish. Footage from one of the crew on a fishing boat shows how the swordfish swam frantically through the water after it was snagged on a hook. The fish was seen approaching the swimmers, lunging at them in an apparent attempt to pierce its sharp mouth into the people, but it was pulled away by the fisherman before it could cause any injuries. The fish was finally able to win the tussle as it tore the fishing line then swam away. The filmer said: "The fish was so angry when it was caught by the bait. The swimmers could have been injured badly if the fish hadn’t been pulled away.’’ Being pierced by the sharp nose of a swordfish is potentially deadly.