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Dead Space: mrjreapers Blind Run: #1 Cut their limbs off

3 days ago|2 views
Dead Space is set in 2508. Earth has been through an extinction-level event, caused by rapacious and unsustainable use of resources. The remaining humans realized that the only way to gain the resources to survive would be to search new planets for resources. That's where theConcordance Extraction Corporation comes in. At a time of near-desperation, the CEC engineered the ship that would eventually save all of humanity: The USG Ishimura.
The USG Ishimura was a ship designed for the new resource-gathering practice:Planetcracking.

The Ishimura's job was to mine other planets for their most rare and most valuable resources to take back to Earth. Even though there have been subsequent Planetcrackers (a small fleet now exists), the Ishimura remains the iconic symbol of mankind's will to survive, even after all these decades. Thanks to Planetcracking, mankind is now thriving again, and resources are plentiful. By the time of the game, the Ishimura has performed 34 successful planetcracks, and is now in the process of beginning its 35th. However, the events that take place during this planet crack are events that threaten the very survival of mankind.

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