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N Scale Steel Mill or Steelworks Scale Model including Rail Traffic and Industrial Trains - Video by Pilentum Television about rail transport modeling, trains, model railroading, railway modelling, model railways and model railroads

In this video we see the steel mill or steelworks, called “Pennsylvania Steel”, which was built by Heinz-Ulrich Grumpe from Germany in N scale. It is a show layout built in a box, which takes about one meter in width and 30 centimeters in depth. This industrial plant for the manufacture of steel depicts the various elements of an integrated steel mill. There are blast furnaces used for smelting to produce industrial metals and industrial railways.

The trains continuously transport raw materials between the individual plant sections. The buildings were modified from different kits, mainly from Pola. The special vehicles were made by Minitrix. Locomotives and other freight cars are made by various US manufacturers. Finally, the background image is still remarkable.


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