Long Train Running: Spotting Red Caboose, Atlas, Kato and Athearn Model Trains in N Scale - Video by Pilentum Television about rail transport modeling, trains, model railroading, railway modelling, model railways and model railroads

4 years ago
This model railroad represents the American rail transport near Minneapolis. The N scale layout has been constructed from a railfan’s point of view, offering the visitor a parade of long trains running through simply-detailed industrial scenery. While the landscape seems to be simply detailed, the focus is on perfectly weathered trains. Locomotives and railway carriages are weathered with hand-painted graffiti in an exemplary manner. Stickers and decals with prefabricated graffiti, so-called “standard decals”, are not used. Passenger trains and mostly freight trains make regular appearances, including rolling stock of Red Caboose, Atlas, Kato and Athearn.

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