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"NAGOYA" Top 43 Tourist Places | Nagoya Tourism | JAPAN

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Nagoya (Things to do - Places to Visit) - NAGOYA Top Tourist Places
City in Japan
Nagoya, capital of Japan’s Aichi Prefecture, is a manufacturing and shipping hub in central Honshu. The city’s Naka ward is home to museums and pachinko (gambling machine) parlors.

Naka also includes the Sakae entertainment district, with attractions like the Sky-Boat Ferris wheel, which is attached to a mall. In northern Naka is Nagoya Castle, a partly reconstructed 1612 royal home displaying Edo-era artifacts.

"NAGOYA" Top 43 Tourist Places | Nagoya Tourism

Things to do in NAGOYA - Places to Visit in Nagoya

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NAGOYA Top 43 Tourist Places - Nagoya, Japan, East Asia

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