"Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah": Official Trailer

  • há 4 anos
https://filmow.com/charlie-trevor-and-a-girl-savannah-t93274/ Charlie Trevor and a girl Savannah is a thought provoking action/thriller about reality verses the dream state. Trevor has been having nightmares about his girlfriend Savannah. He begins to question what is true in his present life verses the perception in his waking dream. Even though this film can come off dark our goal was to express a universal message that can seem complicated, but is as simple as exploring the Mind, Body and Soul. Once we are able to accept these 3 traits of ourselves, we will realize this balance is just the beginning to life and self-discovery to the higher being. But, it first starts with Love, Trust and Faith. Meet, Charlie, Trevor, and A Girl Savannah Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah