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"PETRÓPOLIS" Top 42 Tourist Places | Petrópolis Tourism | BRAZIL

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Petrópolis (Things to do - Places to Visit) - PETRÓPOLIS Top Tourist Places
Municipality in Brazil
Petrópolis is a Brazilian city north of Rio de Janeiro. Bordering the Serra dos Órgãos National Park, with its forested peaks and waterfalls, it’s known as a mountain retreat for Rio residents.

In the center, the Imperial Museum displays period furnishings in the former palace of 19th-century emperor Dom Pedro II. Nearby, the huge São Pedro de Alcântara Cathedral houses the mausoleum of the emperor and his wife.

"PETRÓPOLIS" Top 42 Tourist Places | Petrópolis Tourism

Things to do in PETRÓPOLIS - Places to Visit in Petrópolis

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PETRÓPOLIS Top 42 Tourist Places - Petrópolis, Brazil, South America

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