Full Version Crush Your Competition: 101 Self Storage Marketing Tips for the Fastest Way to Huge

  • 5 years ago
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Finally a simple to use, common sense Self storage marketing guide. One hundred and one weeks of self storage marketing tips and specific ideas you can use now to rent more units and make more profits now.Crush Your Competition will give you the ammunition you need for incredible profits - weather you're an entrepreneur, professional, self storage owner, self storage manager or absolute new comer to the self storage business. Marc Goodin will show you how to use simple marketing specifics, tactics and ideas with minimal cost and maximum profits.This book has the tools for new start ups with more energy than money and is ideal for established businesses that need new fresh ideas. You'll find: - Complete step by step guidance in plain English on marketing a self storage business.- Hundreds of great marketing ideas for much less than you would expect, many free.- Personal insights and stories from the trenches to grow your business.- How to take control of your marketing for easy money.- An initial plan for you to make an extra $24,000 a year or more.- Ways to keep your clients longer and get more referrals for free money. - Dozens of tips to improve your customer service and rent more units.- How to supercharge you sales from drive by customers, to walk ins, to phone calls, to the internet, to retail sales, from your existing client base and more.- Tactics for penetrating your market.- Knowledge you need to start making more money day one.- Secrets the big boys and REITs don't want you to know.- You can't afford not to energize your marketing for substantial profits any longer.- How to make your clients feel special and appreciated.- How to increase your profits week after week with proven specifics in this book.- You will no longer have to take a leap of faith. After reading this book you will be able to reap the rewards of your actions.Crush Your Competition with 101 Self Storage Marketing Tips For The Fastest Way to Huge Profits is the one book you need to take control of your Self Storage Future. Read it. Believe it. Do it. Your future depends on it.