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Transgender history quiz: Test your trans trivia from Indya Moore to the trans flag

From POSE's Indya Moore to who designed the transgender flag, and the Stonewall Riots, test your trans trivia by playing our transgender history quiz.

We asked trans and non-binary YouTubers Jake Edwards and Phoenix Stone to play our transgender history quiz.

Earlier this year a gamer raised $160,000 for transgender charity Mermaids by non-stop gaming for an entire day. But what game did they play? 0:11
Who designed the transgender flag? 0:47
What year did the World Health Organization stop classifying transgender as a mental and behavioural disorder? 1:17
True or false: A transgender man pioneered the use of x-ray photography to detect tuberculosis. 2:02
Which TV show has the largest cast of trans actors in TV history? 2:31
Isis King is a transgender model who made history in 2008 but what did she do? 3:10
Transgender sisters and filmmakers Lana and Lilly Wachowski are behind which Sci-Fi fantasy franchise? 3:50
Which transgender woman recently had her acting debuted and was also the youngest plaintiff in the ‘bathroom bill’? 4:33
America’s first transgender statue will celebrate and honour which activists from the Stonewall Riots? 5:05

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