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2019 NOV 16 Lionel Nation; Prince Andrews BBC Tell ALL; Andrew Spins Naked Lies of Selective Amnesia V01

۞ All We Have Is Unanswered Questions, The Mighty DOJ and FBI Have Failed To Provide One Factual Answer or bring one sex offender to account and made to pay for there crimes of pedophilia ● Where is DOJ not one prosecution case on the books; from the truckloads of graphic evidence they've gathered, at Epstein's homes and private island; seriously what is the DOJ doing no indictments? ● Wheres the FBI; what are they doing no co-conspirators arrested ● Wheres Ghislaine Maxwell why has she not been arrested? ● Why has there been no arrests of Epstein's socialite pals of the rich and famous arrested and charged ● Whose taken ownership of the Epstein estates assets.

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