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Full version Words Matter: Embracing the Power of Conversation Best Sellers Rank : #4 1475846118
This book delves into the power of the conversation and the words we use. There is a tremendous need for people to be more thoughtful and careful with their words. Electronic transactions tend to be shorter and quicker and in many cases, delivered without much thought as to the impact of the message and the words. As soon as the words are spoken or written and received, it is too late to take them back. In addition, most conflicts and challenging situations could be avoided, minimized, and/or deescalated with an effective conversation. Effective and meaningful conversations do not come naturally but it is a skill that can be learned through education and practice. This book will walk you through effective principles and practices that can be used to enhance the probability of a good outcome from a challenging situation and conversation. The words we choose do make a difference and this fact needs to be at the forefront of our thought process as we enter a face to face conversation, compose an email, and send a text or place a social media post. This book will provide the tools necessary to begin a practice of meaningful and effective conversations.

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