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8 months ago|136.2K views

Sunny Leone's New LOVE Interest | HIT LIST | Episode 4

Whats up guys !! I am Nafisa Sharma and this is SpotboyE. I am a super Bollywood buff and that's because I LOVE Bollywood. I am super obsessed with Bollywood and Bollywood celebrities and I am here to give you all the inside dope on things that you never knew about your favourite Bollywood celebrities.
From what they wear to whose clothes they just want to tear, from what they eat to their late night meet, how they walk to whom they just don't like to talk, who they are dating and whom they once dated. In short, this is HITLIST. A countdown where i am going to spill all the secrets of your favorite Bollywood celebrities .Its going to be fun, interesting and masaledaar because i am going to be wafadaar in giving you all the latest dope.
So all you guys need to do is sit back and relax. So what are we guys waiting for ? Lets get this party started.
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