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999: Initiatory visit of the Abode of Chaos

thierry ehrmann
il y a 11 ans|192 vues
“Why?” A thousand times i have been asked this question , stunned by the Abode of Chaos.

The answer brings me back tothe year 1999, where after having devoured the golden calf during the great pagan feast of the last century, i found myself looking once more for this gnostic world.


She will give life to the quill before me, so that i can write a very long story, going back to the dawn of time, quenching its thirst in Alchemical Chaos, Materia Prima of this tragic and sumptuous XXI century, to incarnate itself through my flesh and creations and uncover the dwellings of the philosophers.

The Great Work had to be accomplished, no matter what the price, no matter how loud the beggars’s howl, the vindication of men in black orthe moralists’s anathema. But many forgot that since the beginnings of law, there is never a crime nor an offence when the accused is in a state of insanity or constrained by an act of God..

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