14 years ago

The Pro Files 1-6 - Quinta Films

X-Treme Video

[PRO-FILES] is a series of documentaries portraying a unique inside look at some of the world’s best board sports athletes. This represented an important project for Axel Pauporté, its director and pro snowboarder. His goal was to present the world and personalities of his peers with an intimate reality not often achievable by outsiders. By focusing on the best action footage and the most in-depth presentation of these personalities, he deliver an action packed, esthetical, behind the scenes insight into the life and times of board sports athletes.

The show documents both the athlete’s professional and personal life with a mix of interviews shot in different locations and lifestyle shots of the athlete himself and his entourage (family, friends, riders...). Each episode features “Grade A” action footage provided by professionals together with a sick soundtrack supervised by Sweet & Doggett “The Music Pimps”.