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Full E-book Python Playground: Geeky Projects for the Curious Programmer Best Sellers Rank : #3

Python is a powerful programming language that s fun to play around with. Getting to know Python isn t just about hammering syntax into your brain--it s about discovering new tools to explore whatever excites you.Python Playground is a collection of fun programming projects that will inspire you to new heights as a Pythonista. Inside, you ll learn to use Python for all kinds of playful purposes. You ll manipulate images, build simulations, and interact with hardware using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. As you work through each project, you ll power up your programming skills as you learn how to leverage external libraries for specialized tasks, how to break problems into smaller, solvable pieces, and how to translate an algorithm into code.Inside, you ll build: An autostereogram generator that creates patterns with hidden, 3D imagesA program that translates image pixels into characters to create ASCII artA Conway s Game of Life simulatorA ray casting volume renderer using OpenGL and GLSLAn Arduino rig that creates laser patterns based on audio inputProgramming shouldn t be a chore. Have some good, geeky fun with Python Playground.
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