3 years ago

Vomiting, puking vultures take over Florida neighborhood

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA — A New York couple's swanky vacation home in lovely Florida has been hilariously taken over by a bunch of no good, freeloading scavengers.

According to the Palm Beach Post, dozens of black vultures have taken over the Casimano family's $702,000 house they bought earlier this year near the Ibis Golf and Country Club.
The vultures have destroyed screen enclosures and overtaken the pool and barbecue.
The Palm Beach Post reports that the few times the family has visited, they've had to park their car in the garage to avoid the vultures attacking it.
Wait—these people thought it was an inconvenience because they had to park their car IN their garage? Life can be so difficult sometimes.
Apparently, a neighbor regularly feeds the vultures, racoons and other wildlife in the area a ton of dog food, sandwiches and roast chicken.
According to Siobhan Casimano, after the birds have their fill they roost on and around surrounding houses, including the Casimano's crib.
Casimano told the Palm Beach Post, "the vultures just vomit everywhere. Defecating and vomiting. It's just gross. We can't even go back down to the house."
Some people have tried fireworks and balloons to scare the birds off, but that stopped working already.
As for the vultures, they appear to be having one hell of a summer.