3 years ago

Sustainable park with 'solar trees' planned for Ho Chi Minh City

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM — Australian architectural firms LAVA Architects and Aspect Studios have partnered together and won a competition to design Ho Chi Minh City's new sustainable Central Park.

The park will replace the existing September 23 Park, which is in the city's central urban district, according to LAVA Architects' project website.

The sustainable public park will include artificial plants and futuristic "solar trees" with angled solar panels to generate renewable energy to power the park's digital information screens and Wi-Fi system.

The park will also feature "water purification trees" and "ventilation trees."

The "water purification trees" will gather and recycle rainwater for watering purposes, drinking fountains and fire hydrants, while the "ventilation trees" will be used to generate fresh air and reduce heat in the park.

Central Park will include open green spaces with music and theater performance pavilions, playgrounds and sculpture gardens for the general public.

The architects plan to link the park with Ho Chi Minh City's new Ben Thanh metro station, which is still under construction.

LAVA Architect's website states that construction on the park is to begin in 2020.