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Heikal inaugurates the New Media Services Center: Our Mission is to facilitate the Foreign Correspondents’ Task According to Law no. 180

Osama Heikal, EMPC Chairman of the Board and Diaa Rashwan, Chairman of the State Information Service (SIS) inaugurated EMPC new Media services center for foreign and Arab news channels located in El-Nil street, Agouza, Cairo.

A group of Arab and foreign news channels are currently broadcasting form this center, one of three new headquarters owned by EMPC and located in Garden City and Maspero districts. A great number of Arab and foreign heads of press offices and international media representatives attended the inauguration and had a tour in the four-storey headquarters overlooking the Nile, expressing their admiration of its top notch services.

In his inaugural speech, Heikal welcomed the attendees and talked about the new law No.180 for the year 2018 that organizes media and press affairs and prohibits broadcasting outside the approved media zones. He said that due to the dire need of the international news channels to work in studios near to the capital decision making centers, EMPC had to establish this center as it overlooks the most distinguished landmarks in Cairo in a way that ensures scenes diversity.

Heikal confirmed that EMPC main target is to facilitate the journalists’, Arab and foreign correspondents’ mission as soon as possible and according to the Egyptian Law. He said that EMPC is committed to offer its new clients the best possible media services with state-of-the-art quality according to law no. 180/2018.

From his part, Rashwan thanked Heikal for this important initiative to facilitate the foreign correspondents’ work in Egypt as this was the main reason behind establishing this center in collaboration with EMPC. He also expressed his admiration of EMPC great work and determination to inaugurate this center in no time despite its high establishment costs, confirming, in the meantime, that media in Egypt enjoys full freedom and there is no censorship whatsoever on the broadcasted content.

At the end, Heikal and Rashwan held a press conference to answer the foreign correspondents’ questions clarifying the significant role of media, the importance of solving all the problems that might face the correspondent and providing all media services according to the highest quality standards.

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