Cultural events in Gwangju on sidelines of 2019 World Aquatics Championships

  • 5 years ago
광주세계수영선수권대회 맞아 열리는 다양한 문화행사

The city of Gwangju, in Korea's southwest, is hosting the world championships of aquatic sports, now in day six.
The city's in global spotlight, and with so many people in town for it, there's a big variety of cultural events to enjoy on the sidelines.
Lee Min-sun reports from Gwangju.
At Gwangju's Nambu University, the main venue for the 2019 World Aquatics Championships, promotional booths have been set up with various cultural programs for visitors to experience and learn more about Korean culture.
Gwangju and its surrounding Jeolla provinces are well known in South Korea for their local delicacies.
For international visitors to get a unique taste of Korea,... a local traditional food organization has prepared an exhibition displaying ceremonial table settings for various rites of passage.
"Since Gwangju is hosting an international sporting event, we prepared traditional ritual tables for everything from birth celebrations to wedding ceremonies so we can promote Korea's food culture. Locally-prepared food and seven dishes that represent Gwangju were selected. I hope visitors taste all of them."
The booths are not "for eyes only," visitors can also enjoy some hands-on experiences.
Athletes here for the championships can get a unique glimpse of Korean culture, scoop up some souvenirs and more importantly: take home some unforgettable memories.
"We are from germany and we are water divers. We had chance to look around maybe have a view of the culture and what it’s different to Germany our home country. It’s very interesting to have look to the other culture you have here."
"Between the competitions we have little bit of time to go out in front of the pool and can see lot of things what they do here and we got some gifts from Korea. I really like it to go around the pool."
Visitors can also chill at an outdoor beer festival and enjoy Korean street food from food trucks at a nearby convention center.
The beer festival will run throughout this weekend and for another week in August.
Dance and music performances are also lined up at the athletes' village and at other main venues during the weekends.
Local artists have also put together an art exhibition to celebrate the 2019 World Aquatics Championships being held in their part of the world.
An exhibition called "Dive Into You" displays around 40 paintings and art pieces by 13 emerging artists from the area to celebrate the international event.
Young artists channel their imagination and artistic flare to give international visitors a clearer idea about what Gwangju and its people are all about.
This art exhibition will run until July 28th at Eunam Art Center and is open to all visitors, free of charge.
Lee Min-sun, Arirang News, Gwangju.