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Centro de ayuda infantil para chicos de la villa miseria en Buenos Aires 1967

hace 2 meses|3 views
Bs. As .: Journalistic note in the S.O.S. OPROVI Argentina for the protection of child aid for children from the village misery, located at 951 Belgrano Street, in the town of Garin. The journalist Monica Mihanovich arrives and is received by a group of women. General views of the house where the children live, children are observed lying in the bedroom, getting up, brushing their teeth, combing and having breakfast in the dining room. Monica talks to one of the children. Images of a lady saying goodbye and giving a kiss to the children dressed in coveralls to go to school. Images of the boys studying and doing homework in a living room of the house. Images of the boys having lunch (they take the soup). Report to the woman who lives with the children. Then the journalist asked her the following question: - Why are you here, why did you think of doing this kind of work to help homeless children? (Monica Mihanovich)
Date: 1967
Duration: 6 minutes 1 second
Code of the film: C-01592

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