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Volcanic ash covers boat as US tourists evacuate Stromboli

After the volcano on the Italian island of Stromboli erupted yesterday, (July 3) volcanic ash rained down on surrounding areas and prompted evacuations.

US tourists managed to get on a boat away from the smoke but the ash still covered the vessel they were leaving on.

Dark clouds of ash can be seen in the background while in the foreground the boat is covered in a dusting of the volcanic matter.

The filmer explained: "We were in Florence for a friend's wedding.

"A friend hiked to the top of the volcano and saw live magma."

The couple were set to hike to the top of the volcano moments before the eruption on a recommendation from a friend who completed it a week previously.

They set off on the hike at 4:30 pm with a group of "16 to 20" other hikers but had their adventure cut short when they heard a "huge explosion" and saw the "huge mushroom cloud."

They said they couldn't comprehend what had happened initially and were both stood for a "minute, minute and a half in awe" until it sank in and "people started to get frantic."

The couple was promptly evacuated by boat to Panarea, nearly 12 miles away from Stromboli.
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