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Swish Live - Streaming & editing video solution for sport !

Swish Live
Swish Live
Swish Live is a major innovation in sport broadcasting, thanks to our mobile application.

You won't need anymore to hire expansive subcontractor or buy heavy equipment to live-stream professionnally. You won't also need to hire video editor to realise highlights.

Thanks to his all in one mobile application, Swish Live allows you to livestream your games in HD with a scoreboard embedded.

Always seeking to innovate, we have released a remote function to manage the score from wherever you want and a feature to enrich your lives yourself with logos, full screens or text descriptions.

Realize highlights was always something complicated and expensive. With the Time Capsule, we automatically record on your phone every important action, goal, point, rally of your game.

To download the app
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✅Android :

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