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Juliette - Portrait Number 3 of XXY [ɛks/ɛks/wʌɪ] / Juliette - Portrait Number 3 of XXY [ɛks/ɛks/wʌɪ] (2018) - Trailer (International)

le mois dernier|36 vues
Directed by : Clotilde
Produced by : Tzig'Art
Genre: Experimental - Runtime: 3 min 24 seconds
Production year: 2018

"Love loves to love love." —James Joyce

In a young girl's search for the liberated woman that is within her, for her essential femininity, she encounters the Other. Through this experience of otherness, she constructs her identity and discovers her inner male. In this way, her femininity dares to express itself and encourages her to defy rules in order to stay true to her convictions. From these first acts of renunciation arises her freedom.

More info: https://en.unifrance.org/movie/48162/juliette-portrait-number-3-of-xxy-%C9%9Bks-%C9%9Bks-w%CA%8C%C9%AA

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