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Perfect Weathering: Scrapyard Model Railroad Layout by Samuel de Zutter in 1/32 scale - Pilentum Television - Model Railroading and Railway Modelling

Samuel de Zutter is a famous rail modeller from Belgium. He has always been interested in car wrecks and scrap, so he decided to build a very messy model railway layout. He wanted to make a layout to do lots of switching with small diesel and steam locomotives. The track plan consists of two main tracks with a side track to the scrapyard where the switching takes place.

After the scrapyard, those two tracks pass by an abandoned clay digging site, turned into a pond. On the model railroad layout, there is also a factory for car tyres. A loading dock next to the track provides the factory with resources and allows for the produced tyres to be transported by rail. All buildings have been built by hand. Samuel de Zutter spent a lot of time in detailing the interiors and little corners with all sorts of rubbish lying around.


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