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Armed Good Guys? The Reality Of A Firefight Is A Form Of Madness

Mike Malloy Show
Mike Malloy Show
2 months ago|1 view
Mike reads a powerful letter to the editor in the NYT.

I was seriously wounded in combat as a replacement in the armored infantry in the liberation of France from the Nazis in 1944. I know what it is to be the stranger in a firefight.

Both Donald Trump’s claim that an armed bystander could have stopped the rampage in Orlando and the N.R.A. official Wayne LaPierre’s notion that it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun are ridiculous. Combat — real combat — bears no resemblance to their Hollywood image of war.

The reality of a firefight is a form of madness: shifting silhouettes, dimly perceived, pop of weapons, freezing fear, trembling hands, most of all the stink: sick, sweet odor of blood mixed with the odor of feces and urine, stale sweat, cordite. Who and where is my enemy?

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