Learn To Dance Like The Stars Luois Van Amstel

  • hace 16 años
http://www.learntodancelikethestars.myshoppinghappy.com Learn To Dance Like The Stars Luois Van Amstel, Don't worry, even I use to suck at dancing, until I had some inspiration to actually learn the steps. The truth is, it LOOKS hard, but it's actually quite easy once we get those basics out of the way. This course was designed to teach you both the basics and some intermediate-advanced ballroom steps to turn YOU into a dance floor machine in no time! dancer salsa, dance foxtrot, learn to dance, dancing celebrity, dance video workout, how to dance like a pro, how do you like it more, how do you dance the tango, history of ballroom dancing, Louis Van Amstel http://www.learntodancelikethestars.myshoppinghappy.com Distributed by Tubemogul.