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Pilentum’s World of Model Trains Model Railroading in Germany - HO scale Railroad Layout - Video by Pilentum Television - The world of model trains

In this video, we are moving back to the most beautiful era of the German State Railroads. Back in the 1980's when there were still some steam locomotives and a lot of diesel locomotives in operation. Our journey begins in a locomotive shed with a turntable. We accompany model trains with a gliding camera during the ride.

We also see some funny and frivolous scenes in this model landscape. In this miniature world there is no train station, but there is a scrap yard. There are everyday scenes, somewhere in the neighborhood, and a motorway, where an accident happened, and much more. Again and again, the large locomotive shed is the focus of this video, because we see a lot of well-known German locomotives there. Enjoy 38 minutes of model railroading in Germany.

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