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3 years ago

Report: Valerie Jarrett Confronted Obama About White House's 'Macho Atmosphere'

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Valerie Jarrett reportedly confronted then-President Obama about the “general macho atmosphere” in the White House.

Valerie Jarrett reportedly confronted then-President Obama about the "general macho atmosphere" in the White House. Jarrett, who served as a top adviser to Obama, recounts that conversation in her just-released book, 'Finding My Voice: My Journey to the West Wing and the Path Forward.'  According to Axios, Jarrett writes that she said: "If you notice in meetings the women rarely talk. And when you aren't there to ask their opinion, they are becoming increasingly mute." Jarrett goes on to note that Obama responded by inviting "over a dozen of the senior women for dinner at the White House to discuss what was going on" and recalls that "he gave us his undivided attention for two and a half hours."  Obama on Tuesday had glowing words for Jarrett and about her new book.
"Valerie is one of my oldest friends and advisors – she was by my side when I first decided to run for office and for every major moment of the presidency. @ValerieJarrett's voice has often inspired me and I know 'Finding My Voice' will inspire others to lift their voices, too," Obama tweeted.
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