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14 years ago


robert henriksen
35 EPISODES UP...The B-Rock Dis Reality Show 2 years in the making of the CD Bipolar Disorder and the making of B-Rock...two year of studio footage, see how a little (BIPOLAR)15 year old turned him self into "what i think a better rapper than any one out there now " 17 now,with a hard core rapping style of a veteran and a lyrical pizzaz of a strory teller there are about 50 songs he has written so far and the CD is Constantly changing.(some will go on the second cd) .each episode is of a song in the studio... when you look at him rap and then hear the song you will be amazed at how effortlessly he pulls this off,the episodes range from 8 to 20 minutes just enough for him to sing it twice, the second time you will hear a mixed recording(final results)synced up with his second pass.. there will also be some episodes of his photo shoots and his trip to CA. and a look back at LIL B etc