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DHProduction Indonesia
DHProduction Indonesia
9 bulan yang lalu|11 tayangan
DH Production Bandung Indonesia, Composer by H Dose Hudaya, SE, SH, MH, Director by Rizal Mantovani

twitter https://twitter.com/cynthiaivanaa

Lyric Lagu I Say by Cynthia

There's something wrong with us baby
It's probably you
Our love hasn't made us happy
But made us cry
I don't wanna get hurt
I don't wanna be sad
Maybe i have to go
No more no more sad day
No more no more chances
I have to choose my way

I say, I say good bye
Forgive me baby
Leave me alone
Hope you'll find your happiness
Ooo baby I hope you'll understand
Why i really have to go
And say goodbye ooo and say good bye ooo..
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