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Cosmic Cabaret Cuddle Party With Fire Dance Performance - Phenovibe Los Angeles

Seeker Land
Seeker Land
9 months ago|65.8K views
REVEL in a thriving magickal world of interactive metaphysical multi-dimensional avant-garde theater! THIS PARTICULAR EVENT'S THEME WAS-- The Equinox is all about that place between places. Equanimity and balance through transitions. Moving from one energy to another, yet being poised between the two perfectly. Finding balance between two equal and opposing forces, yin and yang, bridging the worlds and fining connection... finding center. To us this means connecting with the heart, a skill all seekers on the illuminated path MUST master. The heart chakra is the middle chakra, 3 above and 3 below. We've devised many ways to help you connect with, activate and listen to your heart, so be sure to explore. If you feel lost, seek the Oracle and she will set you on the path.
Its a black and white affair, to symbolize duality, so dress accordingly (in black or white, or both. With red accents, to symbolize the binding force of love.)

Performances (Aerial, Fire Dance, Acro-Dance, Ritual performance art) Live Music and DJ's, Dancing, Interactive Ceremony, Mystical Experiences, Soundbath Cuddle Orgy, Raw Cuisine and Elixirs, Naked Fashion Show, Readings, Live Art, Healers and Massage, Yoga and Acro, Merchants of Magical Items!

Lose yourself in the dance, find yourself in the magick!

by PhenoVibe
This is where you encounter the ORACLE, who will open the portal to the higher dimensions and guide you on a Cosmic Alchemy journey through multidimensional space and mind deep into source!
Ariane Labyrinth
Mike Bell
Lola Lesley Lisner

A place to streach out, try new acro moves and play with others or on your own!

TANTRIC LOUNGE - all night
A safe place for you to get as sensual as you want with that special someone or ones whenever your passions rise. Its ridiculous that its not appropriate for us to express love sensuality or sexuality in public places, but we can see horrible violence on the news. As a remedy to this thinking we are always a sex positive environment, and hold space for its expression. We think all aspects of love and ecstasy are beautiful, and though the entire event space is your playground, we wanted to make a special little love nest for those who are feeling extra amorous.

TEA LOUNGE - all night
Get cosy and talk deeply about the universe at the Blacklight Rainbow Love N' Tea Lounge
by Dave the Rainbow

Music by Ali Tarique
Setting sacred space and intention, building power and calling forth the energies we want to bring into presence and play with all night!

Thats right! We swim in a sea of beautiful loving beings, experiencing connection and human contact. All to the super high vibrations of an epic sound bath!

by Phenovibe, Metamorphalis and Dance Alchemy,
An interactive ritual magick performance piece!

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