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3 years ago

Senor Postman | Tony Talks | Animated Shorts

Tony has had enough of junk mail. It’s payback time.

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These are videos reposted from the YouTube and social media accounts of Tony Brown, and his acquaintance Manow Manowski. They appear to live somewhere in the North of England, and it isn't that clear how they know each other.
AardBoiled have offered to repost some of their videos, stills and online writing, as part of a scheme to help disadvantaged middle-aged northerners. It is unclear if they receive any form of monetary recompense in the form of tax-relief for their involvement in the project.
Though their intentions are unclear. Tony Brown himself says only that he "...knows that he has a lot to offer the world, and he knows that using Manow's internet connection is the way to do it".

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