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2 years ago|33 views

The Exchange Hotel and Civil War Medical Museum Ghosts in the Hall and Ghosts in Nun Room! Lunar ParanormalViriginia

Lunar Paranormal Virginia
An awesome session continuing on the 3rd floor. Notice the tiny light in the back of the bedroom on the right(same room shadow man came from previously). The light appears and reappears like someone maybe blocking it. There was no other explanation for this anomaly. This occurs in the "Sister's of Mercy" room after I ask if there are any nuns. It's like the ghost comes out of the room after blocking the light because the flashlight comes on. Also there is blurriness around the flashlight in the grid when it is turning off or on through out the video. At the end when we are reviewing footage something passes thru the nun room then too. Both times our member Dennis catches on to this! Dec. 2018