4 years ago

Barbie STEM Kit w Spinning Closet Rack Optical Illusion Origami Dress - Thames & Kosmos

Keith's Toy Box
Introducing the Barbie STEM Kit, a science kit that's all about Barbie! Help Barbie and her friend Nikki solve challenges and save the day using real Science and Engineering. Build 7 models and conduct 7 experiments as you follow along with their fun-filled story. Construct a spinning closet rack that really rotates to help Barbie sort her clothes! Make a washing machine and a shoe rack while learning how gears work! Use science experiments to make their dressses, create an ombre dress with chromatography and optical illusion origami dresses with fun colorful patterns. Build a greenhouse and use plant leaves to make the tentacle leaf-print outfits. And set-up a hammock with a real-working fan so that Barbie and Nikki can relax at the end of their long day of experimenting. The full-color manual includes a fun illustrated story and step by step instructions to guide you through building models, conducting experiments and learning science and engineering with Barbie her friend Nikki. Science saves the day in the Barbie STEM kit! From Thames and Kosmos!