The Lords Witnesses Predict NO Nuclear Attacks Until September 7-8, 2019

  • 6 years ago
What a relief! We are not predicting any nuclear attacks for this week, this month or this year!

And before these attacks occur various other events must take place.

The Russian bear of Daniel7 must be provoked on 2018Adar10 or 2019Nisan22 and becomes raised up against the West (but not against the East).

The descended 3rd Holy Spirit must come out of the wilderness on 2019Nisan2 after 3½ months from 2018Chislev17.

The 2 spies from Laodicea must come to visit the LWs on 2019Sivan4, being sent by the descended Charles Russell.

The Watchtower must suffer 3 Passover executions on 2019Sivan14/Tammuz14/Ab14

The Dragon must be let off his chain after 1,000 days of Revelation 20 from 2018Heshvan14 to 2019Ab24.

These nuclear attacks will look really really bad. But they are a demonic distraction from something really really good, which is the installation of Jesus Christ as Caesar to God's people - the transition from the secular administration of the demons to the secular administration of the Christ of mankind upon this planet and the end of ageing and the adamic death penalty suffered by all our ancestors.

All 12 future nuclear bombs must occur at (or on the 7th Sabbath of) the possible Pentecost dates before the mark of the beast of Revelation13 comes in on 2019Tishri16, (6-16 of the Laodicean Iyyar1 secular year). There was a tongue of fire upon each of the 12 apostles at the 1NC Pentecost.

2018Tishri9: 2018September23: We saw/published to correct sub and main and 2nd and 3rd fire sign predictions - we assert

2019Elul5: 2019September7-8 (The late Zoar Pentecost and 4th marriage Pentecost) - 2nd fire sign East on London, during the evening (expected at sunset on Saturday 2019September7 at 19:32 BST above the Thames East of London around Dartford).

2019Elul5: 2019September7-8 (The late Zoar Pentecost and 4th marriage Pentecost) - 3rd fire sign on Manhattan, during the morning (expected at sunrise on Sunday 2019September8 at 06:30 EDT, above the Hudson)

2019Elul5: 2019September7-8 is...
The late Zoar Pentecost
The 4th marriage Pentecost
The 105th Watchtower Solar Baalian Pentecost from 2005Iyyar14
The 86th weekly Sabbath counted 2 witness Asheraian Pentecost from 2006Tammuz2-6 (2006Tammuz10 was the weekly Sabbath)

2019Elul5: 2019September7/8: WW3 begins.
2019Elul14: 2019September16-17: The Great Tribulation begins
2019Elul14: 2019September16-17: The 96th 3 witness Asheraian solar Pentecost from 2006Tammuz28/29

2019Tishri16: 2018October18/19: Mark of the Beast day. Peace and Security of 1Thessalonians 5:3 declared. Nuclear war is ended a pregnancy period before the birth/installation of the Kingdom of God on 2020Tammuz5. (259 BLC days later)

2019Tishri16: 2018October18/19: The Great Tribulation Ends.
2019Tishri16: 2018October18/19: WW3 ends.

2020Iyyar16: 2020May9/10: Kingdom of God appointed
2020Tammuz5: 2020June27/28: 2nd 1NC Pentecost. The Kingdom of God installed.